Professional Recommendations

Chris Carruthers
Slalom Consulting
  I had the opportunity to work directly with Elliot for years. Team work comes easy for Elliot as he has a tremendous appetite for absorbing knowledge and getting things done. He found himself as a cornerstone employee for Rowley Properties due to this fact. Elliot has vast expertise surrounding accounting, real estate practices and technology enablement. Throughout my tenure at CyberStreams as a senior IT consultant for Rowley, Elliot continued to drive highly functional, budget conscious technology projects throughout every facet of the real estate investment/management firm's business. Elliot is a seasoned IT professional with strong business acumen, vendor management, and IT budgeting knowledge. Without Elliot's wide spanning skillset the company would have needed to spend far more time, money and energy producing the outcomes that he fostered. I hope to find an opportunity where we can work together again in the future. Elliot's drive to make things better makes him an valuable asset to any organization.

Amy Aldworth
Rowley Properties, Inc.
  I have had the privilege of working with closely with Elliot in the IT department at Rowley Properties. He has a very entrepreneurial mindset and always delivers results. He goes above and beyond the call of duty, working extra hours when needed. He will not stop until the job is not only done, but done well. He has a positive attitude that is contagious and he consistently provides outstanding service and support. Elliot shows the kind of integrity that is hard to come by in the corporate world anymore. He is personable, a great collaborator, a great networker and he has a wide range of technical skills which are proven by his many certifications. Elliot would be an incredibly valuable addition to any team.

Kelly Richardson
Rowley Properties, Inc.
  I've had the pleasure of working with Elliot for a number of years. I can't say enough about him. He's resourceful, inventive, persistent and a pleasure to work with. He has solved many problems which has benefited the overall organization and works for the benefit of the organization in the future. His work ethic is truly respectful and admirable. He serves as an example of a great employee. I am appreciative of having the opportunity to work with him and our company has grown because of him.

Phillip Miller
MRI Software, Inc.
  Working with Elliot over the past years has been wonderful. He knows the technical side of hardware and software, but can also easily relate to end-users. We have been lucky enough to have him participate on several panels at our International Users Conference, where he willingly shares his knowledge and experiences with other companies. I know that other clients go to him for special insights, and Elliot lends a helping hand.

Kristi Tripple
Rowley Properties, Inc.
  Elliot started with Rowley Properties in 2008 in accounts payable. He quickly proved he had a solid understanding of accounting principles and began taking on additional duties within the department. He became an integral member of the accounting team and evolved in to a place with the Commercial team relied heavily upon his support and guidance. In this role, he performed routine to moderately difficult assignments of an accounting nature including processing A/P, A/R, payroll, payroll taxes, and general ledger transactions as well as data entry and analyzing accounts, records, reports, journal vouchers, ledgers and other accounting documents. Elliot also helped with the creation of business plans for the commercial properties as well as reconciliating CAM charges. Elliot naturally excelled at this work.

Johnny Bravo
Rowley Properties, Inc.
  When I took over as Account Manager for Elliot's team I was relieved to find out that he had a firm grasp on his company's needs, pains, and forward movements. And again since I was new to them, his ability to communicate those clearly to me was a big help. Too often I start managing an account only to find they they are pulling themselves in different directions. Not this time, and in a big part because of Elliot's focus. I'd be honored to work with him again if our paths cross down the road.

Lynda Headley
Rowley Properties, Inc.
  I worked with Elliot for five years. He was the go to guy for anything from data processing to setting up our security for the entire company. He moved quickly up the corporate ladder and made himself indispensable within the company. Very smart guy and whatever company hires him will be lucky.

Marisa Ozburn
Rowley Properties, Inc.
  I have worked with Elliot for over 3 years on everything from accounting to marketing to IT. I would describe Elliot as our "go-to guy" for almost any issue. He is very efficient, knowledgeable and ambitious. I have never met anyone who is more driven to keep educating himself. He is constantly striving to seek out better IT solutions - whether it be software or hardware. He has trained me (and many other staff members) repeatedly on new systems and is able to troubleshoot effectively. He would make a valuable contribution to any organization because he is so versatile.

Jodi Smith
Michaelo Espresso
 I worked with Elliot at Michaelo Espresso. Elliot was a strong leader, technical guru, go-getter and a friend. Elliot never shied away from a problem, always was the first to offer help, and would always work to find a solution, even if it wasn't his department. I've never seen Elliot do anything but thrive in any situation he's presented and I'd recommend Elliot 1,000 times over

Rich Constantine
Alt Financial
  I have known Elliot since high school and through out the years he has built businesses, websites and everything Tech. It's not everyday you come across someone that has the talent and drive that Elliot has. His track record proves it all! I constantly see his posts on him furthering his career by taking computer certifications; he is the certification king!
Julie LaPrarie
Rowley Properties, Inc.
  Elliot learns systems and processes very quickly. He is able to see big picture and approaches problems by trying to figure out what the core problem is and resolve it "upstream" rather than "band-aiding" a problem. He's also very good at looking at processes and seeing where he can streamline and create efficiencies. He's conscientious about budgets and spending dollars wisely. He's self motivated and is constantly reading or taking classes to improve his skillset. He can work with a wide range of personalities and gets along well with everyone - he's a very likable guy. I would re-hire him without hesitation.
Pat Howard
United States Postal Service
  I was employed as a floor manager/supervisor for the U. S. Postal Service in Missoula, Montana for 30 years before finally retiring in 2008. For the final 15 years of my postal career I supervised the Computerized Forwarding Unit which was responsible for the mechanized forwarding of mail for every relocating mail customer in Western Montana. I had the pleasure of supervising Elliot Hutchens for approximately one year in 2003 - 2004. During that time period I found Elliot to be one of the most motivated, dedicated employees I had ever supervised. He caught on very quickly to the computerized forwarding methods that we employed. He was always punctual, regular in attendance, and got along very well with our entire unit. I could always count on Elliot to do an excellent job with minimal supervision and minimal direction. If Elliot had remained at the Missoula Post Office I would definitely have trained & utilized him in the management program. Not only did Elliot excel with the computerized systems in our work place but he also very successfully set up home computerized systems for several Postal Service employees in his own spare time. He was always eager to assist anyone who had computer issues and was very generous with his personal time. Elliot would be an incredible asset to any company that hires him.
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